Vehicle photography has evolved. Offer a different and unique shopping experience everywhere you list vehicles.

Dealer Success

Dealer sites with 360º “spins” have higher levels of shopper engagement and an average lift in time on VDP of 56% compared to sites without "spins."

  • 56% average increase in time spent on VDPs

  • 42% average lift in leads

  • 21% reduction in bounce rate

  • "Last month we had more used-car internet leads than ever before."

    Bill Feinstein President, Planet Honda

"I really love how SpinCar™ presents on mobile. That ease of use is so important knowing about 58% of our customers are on mobile and that number is going to continue to grow. That's one of the reasons I chose SpinCar™."

Matthew Pennell
Matthew Pennell Business Development Manager, Priority Automotive Group
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A mobile-first, interactive shopping experience for the modern shopper

Photos360 automatically stitches together interior and exterior vehicle photographs into super-interactive 360º displays with tagged, touchable hotspots for desktop and mobile viewing.

Photos360 requires no extra time or infrastructure and anyone can begin shooting photos in minutes.

Simple & Easy Implementation

    • Have 360-degree spins on your websites within days of activation and a minimum 10% lift in conversion rates within 30 days

    • Use the iOS or Android Mobile Apps for Lightning Fast Photo Capture

    • Alternatively, use your existing DSLR camera by simply adjusting the shot sequence per vehicle

    • We’ll help you instruct your website providers to get the 360-spins widget visible on all VDPs!

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"SpinCar™ has added a dimension of convenience and engagement for traditional as well as mobile shoppers to our sites that has generated a 65% increase in VDP views. That is money in the bank from our perspective."

Curt Richards BDC Administrator, Kia of Fort Wayne

Top 3 Reasons Dealers Select Photos360

If you ask Photos360 dealers, they say they love SpinCar™ for many reasons, but mostly because an "increase in VDP views and leads…is money in the bank."

  • Engaging Customer Experience

    360-degree spins allow shoppers to accelerate vehicle selection, boosts shopper time on site, reduces shopper defection and generates more qualified leads.

  • Shopper Intelligence

    Photos360 collects shopper interaction intel and trends in Lead Intelligence Reporting for management, and each shopper session is summarized in the lead delivered to your CRM from each shopper inquiry, including individual options viewed across all vehicles inspected.

  • Game Changing Photos

    Embedded photo HotSpots enable shoppers to inspect the vehicle by drilling into the passenger cabin from outside the vehicle to then view selling features. When a shopper touches a HotSpot the action is logged, resulting in unique intel about what features are of interest.

  • Actionable Lead Intelligence Reports

    • Lead Intelligence for Sales Personnel and Deal Managers

      When shoppers submit leads from your VDPs your CRM will receive leads containing not only the shopper’s name, email, phone and vehicle of interest, but also the insight of the shopper’s interaction with the HotSpots in each vehicle’s 360-degree spin they looked at! Sales rep’s are immediately armed with actionable intel about what features and options (across vehicles shopped) matter to that buyer!

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    • Intelligence for Inbound Marketing Management

      For managers in Marketing or Management with responsibility and oversight for website performance, gain real-time measurement of VDP engagement (time on site), lead conversion, features of interest (across all shoppers), popular vehicles, and more.

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Why Dealers Love SpinCar™

  • 10% Guaranteed in VDP Conversion Rates

  • Quick implementation

  • Works with all website providers

  • Customizable Features

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • 100% Mobile friendly

  • 360 Spin

    Interior and exterior spins increase consumer engagement by providing an intuitive and engaging experience shoppers are familiar with from online retailers.

  • HotSpot Tagging

    Easy to use interface for custom hotspot creation.

  • Lead Intelligence Reports

    See what's important to each prospective buyer by tracking hotspot clicks on features - not just pages / VINs.

  • VDP Intelligence Reports

    Transparent results with Photos360 on site VDPS including time of site, conversion rates, rate of defection, and more!

  • Inventory Activity Reports

    Leverage demand-side website activity metrics alongside your pricing tools to make more informed merchandising decisions.

  • Aggregate OEM Reporting

    See performance across dealer network. Highlight trends in models. Show effect of New vs. CPO vs. Used. Observe effect of marketing efforts on particular models.

Performance Guarantee

AutoUpLink Tech guarantees that you will experience a minimum 10% increase in VDP conversion rates via lead submissions from unique website visitors by adhering to the SpinCar VDP Success Program. If after 90 days, you have not experienced a 10% increase in your website conversion rate from unique visitors from lead form submissions on pages with 360-degree spins (versus those without spins), AutoUpLink Tech will refund the monthly software fees for that period.

The VDP Success Program requirements are:

  • 100% of vehicle photos are shot using a set of agreed-upon specifications (number, quality and sequence);

  • The dealership’s website provider promptly adds the SpinCar script-tag properly and maintains the tag’s addition for the length of the guarantee;

  • The SpinCar iFrame must visibly appear on the VDP page above the fold in all major web browsers;

  • A minimum of three (3) photo HotSpots must be added to all vehicles;

  • Dealer promptly pays all fees related to the software during the 90-day period and does not terminate service prior to the end of the 90-day period;

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